We turn Steel into Wool since 1956


Barlesa manufactures all three steel wool types: Regular, Special and Original.

REGULAR: Our Regular Steel Wool achieves a very shiny finishing while crystallising thanks to its straight texture which allows more contact to the floor. It is perfect for domestic floors which need frequent maintenance.
Its abrasiveness makes this type the ideal choice for the restoration and polishing of wood and metal surfaces.

SPECIAL: This Steel Wool type differentiates itself because of its open structure that allows a better absorption of dirt. It glides smoothly on the surface making it easy to work with the cleaning machine. Therefore it is recommended for working with big machines and for the first treatment of floors after polishing or for the treatment of neglected floors./p>

ORIGINAL: This Steel Wool has a very flexible structure that produces less dirt and prevents cuts. With Barlesa Original you will achieve a perfect and shiny crystallization. It is ideal for the maintenance of clean and delicate floors.

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